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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The world through and Jess's eyes/Easter

Kate got a hold of the camera and her is a portion of her view

She is well on her way to being a Facebooker.
Mom's Turn- I love how she pairs these guys up
Spencer's cousin sent a package with a cute pin cushion, Jess, so happily filled it with pins. 
Quilt top for Suzanne :)  you can see more on Lisa's Crafty Blog
Kate had a bowtie to be the groom and Jess was the bride. 
working on our mini quilt coasters for Teacher Appreciation Day
Kate and Jess quilted them on the machine....Sew Cute. 
The girls always dress up when we have the missionaries over for dinner
Spencer went to Ohio for a couple days for a Case Competion with his fellow MBA friends and we had movie night and a sleepover in mom's bed.  
Kate got a hold of the camera again. Can you tell Kate loves this bird?  

We played an April Fools joke on Spencer....bows all over his bike. 

Jess's Turn with the camera.

Spencer isn't just a genius at school, Thanks to his great dad, he knows how to fix cars, bikes and most awesome for me-Sewing Machines. 

The Easter Bunny got into our Carrots, Kate woke me up and said, "Mom the Easter Bunny left a huge mess in our house and he really doesn't have good handwriting."

Easter Egg Hunt at the Church

Kate brought her bunny ears from the dress up box and Jess dressed up as a princess, fitting for an Easter Egg Hunt right?   Ha!
Easter Dresses from Grandma Di.  
Spencer told them to hold hands-it's so not them and you can't tell but their mouths were both filled with Jelly Beans

Monday, April 4, 2011

General Conference since Kate was born

Joel 1:3
"Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation"

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