“If you want to be happy, BE” Leo Tolstoy

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here is our June so far...Spencer is working for Best Buy as a Senior Financial Analyst  in the International Financial Planning Group, They gave him a cool laptop, like we need 3 right?

Kate, Jess and I have been loving the city. The towns in our area are so great, full of food and art and beautiful homes and vintage shops (fancy word for thrift store).

Lots of Swimming at the pool in our complex.

The Wild Rumpus and fun bookstore with cats and chickens and birds roaming around.

Super Cool Piano in the center of Lyndale (for kids to play and enjoy)

Riding Bikes

Green and Lakes everywhere

My little brother and his family moved just 15 minutes away.  

Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jean came to visit. Grandpa brought Kate Radiatori, she was so excited. 

We took them to the Mall of America

Tuesday was Toddler day so the girls got a ton of points to use on rides for really cheap-we picked a good day

My mom took these pictures-so good. They also bought the girls Ice Cream Cones.  They were in Heaven

 Jess read her favorite book to Grandma and Grandpa a lot. 

We all went swimming together and had dinners a lot

Grandpa reading his scriptures before church

 We have fun cooking here-the stove actually works

 Kate dressing up and acting like a princess for Grandma's Camera

 Playing at the Park with cousins Ethan and Claire

 Cute sister-in-law Dawnell and Claire

 Grandpa entertaining Audrey.

 Claire cute as a bug

 Silly Kids


 Claire's Birthday

 Claire is so cute!

 Audrey is a little social bug


 Audrey Baby Blessing

 Finally a picture of Grandma (we appointed her official photographer on this trip, she did so good).

 Mom and Dad babysat while we went away for the weekend. We went to Minneapolis-it is such a great city.
Mississippi River.

We rode bikes all around town-litteraly all day.  We got on the Bike Share Bikes and got off for fun concerts and meals and shopping. We met up with all the other Wisconsin MBA's at Brits this popular Pub downtown, We are getting good at being the only dry people at bars in the Midwest.

 It was Spencer's favorite date ever. It only cost us $5 each to ride them all day.

Ok, so nerdy, cool for old people but Biking is really the way to go.

Crazy Purple lady at the BBQ and Blues Fest. There was also a bluegrass-style concert in another park across town that we went to.

We got some fun shades at this chic vintage shop in Uptown. Way fun stuff.

Spencer really is in love with this city

We all love it here!   Just tempt us Best Buy! This may be our new home next year.