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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall activities in Madison

We've been back in Madison for a few weeks after a great summer in Minneapolis. Fall is definitely upon us, with highs in the 50's and 60's, and we had some fun this last week at parks and a local apple farm. We'll try to catch up more summer/fall events that we've missed. Enjoy!

First off, it's harvest time. Above are ingredients for homemade salsa. Mmmmm.

We were at the park for some MBA kickball. Here, Kate just hit Jess in the face with a frisbee. Sure glad the camera was ready to fire. 

Scott (one of Spencer's MBA buddies) apparently got a kick out of the frisbee incident. He's really a good guy, promise.

Kate organizing Yoga in the park. 

Cute, cute ladies.

Kate cheering on the kickballers. "Go Bucky! Go Badgers!"

UW hospitals in the background.

A 1st year MBA (w/ BYU ties), kicked a homer. 

Scott liked my choice of position.

Tug of war, go!


The girls wanted in on the action.
Kate organized a game of "Red light, Green light."

'Twas intense

A little Duck, Duck, Goose (or Gus, Gus, Cook as Jess calls it)

She picked Scott!

Back at Eplegaarden

We ran into Canan (Janan) from Turkey. She's one of Spencer's classmates.

Ye olde Skule bus.

Love 'em.

The apples were yummy. 

Cute little tooth marks in this apple.

Jess admiring our tickets for the horse buggy ride.

Jess' cute hair.

She loves to dress like this. Eugenia, our neighbor from Orem, gave this crocheted wrap to Jess. 

Apple bushels.

Kate counting apples.

Da barn.

Jess up front for the buggy ride. 

Kate's cool style.

Lisa busy being HOT!

She's soooo cute. 

Da pumkins.

Choppy panorama view.

Cute girls.

Pulling da wagon.


Fresh apple cider. 

This is their attempt at showing love. 

Puddle splashing with caramel apples.

The finished product!

And some Laura Ingalls Wilder.