“If you want to be happy, BE” Leo Tolstoy


This was one of our favorite things this season. Jess and Kate climbed up every time and would NOT let us help them. We went to In 'N Out Burger after it was fun. Happy new Year

I've got to be accountable to my new years resolutions so here it goes~
#1 Work on making my goal weight by the end of March I am currently 145lbs. When I started this journey I was 162 I would love to be 140 by the end of January (This is a "HEALTHY" Weight for my height.
#2 Exercise like a Champion almost every day Today I am fasting for Spencer taking the GMAT early FRIDAY Morning so no exercise today but I danced with the girls to some fun Bluegrass today.
#3 Read the Scriptures EVERY DAY I just read the children's Book Of Mormon with the girls. It's so cute Jess says "I GO I DO" just like Nephi "I will go and do the things which the Lord has commanded" so I better finish up and go read my Big girl Book of Mormon.
#4 Temple every at least Once A Month We are going tomorrow night, It will be great!
#5 Make sure I say and do something every day for Spencer and Kate and Jess so they KNOW I Love Them.Today I made cookies for them and that is Love because I avoid making cookies because I don't love them but I will eat like 10 a day. I need to be better about telling them how much I love them.

Mitch is Spencer's Youngest brother and he is a ray of sunshine. He brings so much joy into our home and we love when he comes over.

Jake is a tease-it's way fun to tease back and forth with him.

Malinda is such a loving person, she has always treated me like a sister-even better I think sometimes.I consider her a sister. She is so sweet to my children and I feel like she really truly loves them. She has every reason to be bitter and resentful about some people and things in her life, yet she rarely talks bad of anyone. I totally need to be more like her.

Lorin is Spencer's Dad and sometimes I think the reason why I married Spencer in the first place because he makes me laugh soooooo stinkin hard.

Diana is a great grandma for these girls, she spoils me a lot and how can you not love someone that spoils you? She'll get out there and go jeeping and bike riding with the boys-that is so awesome.

This is my Favorite Porcaro Family Picture. I'm the little girl on the right with the pink dress. This picture is classic!

This is my little brother David in Dubai he lives near there in Oman-he has always been a dreamer and here he is living one of his dreams!

Jenny is like my other Mother she is the best listener and encourager and she loves me for who I am. We can talk about anything for hrs. Music, Masterpiece Theater Movies, Authors, Food, Exercise, anything!!!! She's my Free Therapist.

Isn't Maryanne so pretty? She is tons of fun! She is such a delight to be around and you would never know the struggles she deals with, she is just that awesome!

Mark! The Professor-he is one of the best Guitar Players I have ever heard. He has this voice that could melt your heart! Sometimes he and his wife are singing on BYU Television when they were in "Singers" and I swear I can hear Mark's Voice.

Jim is seriouslly the nicest guy you will ever meet. He is the first to call me when there is trouble and the best example of a totally loving devoted Husband. His example helped me pick Spencer.

Denise can just roll with the punches and she can be found laughing and laughing loud anywere.

Jeff still teases me and calls me Pizza and Pig Dog Nice Hu? He has raised the best boys and despite his dislike of wearing a tie I am convinced he'll be a bishop someday!

Suzy- she hugs so tight you don't want to let go. She is such a sweetheart, she always has kissed my babies to death and they love it. She always says I love you when she says goodbye.

John has always been my oldest brother-someone to be proud of, to brag about. He would always sing in the car so now permanantly I will hear from JOURNEY "So now I come to you with broken arms" Always.

Deena is the one you want with you at the hospital when you have your babies and I was lucky enough to have her as a nurse to help me with my newborns at the hospital.

Kathleen Ann-she is so good to let me borrow anything and since she is the ultimate mom she has everything!! Amazing!

My Mom- how can you raise 12 children and be so optimistic? I know I got my sweet tooth from her and I don't know if I should Thank her for that or be mad. She is a good sport to always listen to what I have to say. I remember me and my sister Jenny sat down with her in the 90's toward the end and said, "Mom, shoulder Pads are really not in". She is such a kind and loving grandmother.

I love this Picture of my Dad because he is soooo oposite of a Villain, he is a true Saint of Jesus Christ and the greatest Man on this earth to me.

We were asked in Stake Conference to record our weekly spiritual experiences/blessings and I feel like we are continuously blessed and I think over and over again,

"I stand all amazed at the love Jesus offers, confused at the GRACE that so fully he proffers me.. I marvel to know that for ME he was crucified, that for me a sinner, he suffered he bled and died.....Oh it is WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL to me!!!!!!"

Spencer was asked to interview at Notre Dame in a week and his parent's so graciously gave him their flyer miles and his flight total was $10 and our awesome friends Mike and Petra in Chicago are letting him sleep over, the dates worked out and he is on his way, he also is having an interview in SLC with Northwestern University which is Hilarious because a cute movie we saw "Road Trip" is all about that school and we watched it the other day. Wisconsin (Madison) is the third school he has applied for. One of the slides to Notre Dame telling the admissions committee more about himself. Isn't he clever?

My feelings on going to the Midwest are peace, calm, joy, Feelings I am always trying to gather day by day. We love this house but haven't loved the thought of staying here forever. I truly am excited to experience life "in the mission field" as they say. I love Utah but ever since my sister and I visited with Christine, our Amish friend in Bowling Green,Missouri I have wanted to live in the Midwest. I'm not thrilled about being cold but looking at the portrait of the Amish Boy I have had up in my house since I graduated from High School, something is pulling us there. I'm going to faithfully go to their Amish Bake Sales and Farmers Markets, can you just imagine: Fresh Butter, Honey, Pies, Rolls, I COULD JUST DIE!!!! also I have been working on some Genealogy for my Father and I am trying to find his Italian Grandmother and she lived and died in East Chicago and I am convinced that I will find something there in Indiana or Chicago. Maybe it is her that is drawing me there! I guess I married the right guy hu?

This is the Patron Saint of Cycling "La Madonna Del Ghisallo" and Spencer is going to have one made for his bike to ride around Graduate School. I think it so appropriate, especially if he is accepted to Notre Dame. His interview was great and here are the Divine Interventions or as some say "Coinsidences" along the way:

1. A letter came to our home from Notre Dame, with a hand written note.
2. It just so happens that my big brother is interviewing this week in the same city
3. Spencer went to class on campus and was hooked up with a Mormon Grad Student from Utah-he was able to answer all Spencer's questions.
4. 20 minutes before the interview Spencer's Dad texted him and said, "Guess who is in the Tabernacle right now having a tour of Temple Square and the Choir?" oh yes the Father of Notre Dame and some of the heads of the MBA Program. One gave Spencer's Dad his card and told him to tell Spen to be sure to email him when he got home.
5. That Man sent an email to an Alumni who is LDS and he sent Spencer an email telling him the great things about being a Mormon and going to Notre Dame and that he and his 3 brothers-in-law all went there as well as the Pres of SUU his other brother-in-law is currently working on another degree at Notre Dame.

This is a fun jouney hu?

Ok so I have to post this My first RUN I ran 5 miles. My second run was over 6 1/2 miles, I about died!!! I was so excited that I was crying as I was running and I did it in less than an hour. My sis-in-laws and Mother-in-law and I are going to run a 5K in a couple weeks and the 1/2 marathon this summer before we leave to graduate school. I am really excited! I love the biggest loser and I watch it religiously and as I was running I heard Bob and Jillian's voice in my head and I just kept going........

Jess is a riot, she makes us all laugh. Every day she asks me with her little raspy high pitched voice, "mom take Up show back?" "Yep Jess, Mommy took the Up show back" (meaning I took it back to the Redbox where we rented it from)Then she says her new favorite word, "WHY?". Seriously, "Why?" at two and a half, Oh wow....she doesn't even have the attention span to wait for the answer yet.

Poor little Kate is lying in my bed with the saddest little cough and sore throat. I feel so sad when my kids are sick. I want to make her feel better, I say, "do you want a popsicle? medicine,pink milk, chocolate milk, a candy bar, a movie, a cuddle, a back rub, a prayer.....anything to make her feel better. I can't imagine how Heavenly Father feels when we are hurt or sick or sad. I am thankful to know He loves us.

My cute little house up for Sale Now!

I went for a bike ride today by myself and I was listening to One Republic and Sara Bareillis and some of the words are stuck in my head (In a GOOD Way).
"I get lost in the beauty of everything I see the world aint as half as bad, as they paint it to be". I feel that way, like I see beauty all around me and that there are way too many negative people, critical and sad, of there own choice. Heavenly Father has given us everything......I choose today to see it, all the beauty and to be happy.

There I am, I don't really look like I'm enjoying it hu?
It was awesome, I had a goal of 28 minutes, I made 29:01, soo close. It was awesome. So what's next? Bring it on!

I am so excited! I think Spencer and I are more excited about going to Disneyland with the girls then they are we have been showing them Youtube video's of Disneyland and pictures of the Ocean. We are going to go to Crystal Cove (there are sand dollars and sea shells and a diner of the board walk). Best of all we are staying with my Grandma-she's a crackup, Kate is soooo excited to meet her.

What a magical week, everything we did with our girls I have done before but it all felt different this time. All of a sudden I was the mom with the cooler and the magazines handing out Capri Suns and Mike n' Ikes to the girls in the back seat. It seemed so small, magical still but......different. My Grandma gave me some treasures, a ring I could have sworn was made just for me and a baby rocking chair for my girls. I went through her picture books with her and she told me some more about my grandpa in the war and the earthquakes she has been in. We talked about my mom and dad. We slept on the couch wrapped in one of her homemade afgans, I felt that this would be the last time I would see her and I just kept hugging her. I didn't want to let go.

We had lunch with the princesses and it was amazing! When we got done Spencer and I were talking about how small the castle seemed now that we were older and how small the park was. The lunch could have been all we did and we would have been happy. Perfect Little Memory!

Snow Whites

Belle (not as Modest as Kate would have liked-ha)

Sleeping Beauty- Kate asked her why she pricked her finger on the spinning wheel

Cinderella-she was so cute

The highlight of the girls whole vacation

This was a great shot-they were so excited and eating lollipops everything was so colorful.

They were yelling, "Disneyland"

Jess was tuckered out by the time we got to the castle

Spencer thought he was strong enough to pull out that sword in the stone....

Kate was dying at pirates saying how "ESTINKY" it was

Spencer buried Kate and gave her a mermaid tail, it was awesome.

Me and the girls at Seal Beach...I know I know it looks like I'm pregnant...NOPE I just have a J-LO booty and the fabric was droopy. Look at the surfer on the waves, it was cool there were two young surfer guys playing Jack Johnson on their Guitars right by us, it was ideal!

Self explanatory right?

Our Easter Basket Carrot Cake

Conference-Spen was taking notes on his Laptop and the girls were being kids, not only not listening but being as loud as possible so no one in the family could listen. Really though it was awesome. I felt the themes were raising righteous children, not judging others, and living so that we can have the spirit in our lives to guide and comfort us.

Kate opened up all the Easter Eggs, she said the chicks cracked out! Spencer told the Primary Kids the reason we use eggs for Easter is to symbolize the Savior bursting out of the tomb and the chicks burst out of the eggs.
The way Jess Usually looks. Painted nails with markers, food all over, dress up on top of clothes, a hat (my cute Mexican neighbor Eugenia made for the girls), and happy! She was so excited to have chips and dip.
Kate got this guitar from Grandma, she loves her "Buitar" Isn't the look on her face so dramatic? She was being a "Rocker".

I just made this skirt for Jess!!!! It is soooo much cuter(is that possible) on her. It's the first time EVER that I followed a pattern and it turned out better than I imagined.

We finally found some boots for Jess! She wears Kate's and falls all over. She walks around saying "Moooooo"

Ok, so we aren't the typical American family. The girls were dying over "Sweet Cereal" as we called it when I was a kid. We get help from WIC so we eat the more grainy types of cereal so this was a real treat. Kate has roller skates on in the house (She's getting pretty good), and Jess has 4 layers on, Jammies,Dress, Dressup and Jammies again. Plus they got new helmets from Spencer and they didn't want to take them off.

We went to see Grandpa Morse at the Conference Center- He's the Lighting Guy and he was over at the Tabernacle that day so we ran in the rain over to see him setting up a thing for Sister Beck.
Now you can see why I have a tag on my blog that says "The Queen of Random"!

We had a way fun auction tonight in our ward for the youth's camps. Spencer auctioned off Bike Tune-Ups and got 3 winners at $40 a piece. Its so easy for him and people were grateful. We also won these fun items with the silent auction, We got our dear little Taylor (we watch her once a week) as a babysitter for 2 hrs. We were thrilled with all of our wins.

Honey from the Zacharias Bees in their yard (were not sure if its' legal but it is sooooo good).
Spen got this Black Ash Wood Pen from a member of the bishopric who makes them.
Kate got this reversible "Peacock" (as she calls it)Skirt. There was a bidding war between some of us moms and I made Spencer man the table. Hey when you get to buy a cute boutique skirt and put it under the "Donation" category on your tithing slip you feel more justified in paying a high price RIGHT?????

These Pics aren't the best- it is just darling. I'll take an outside picture of it later.

Jess got this crocheted beanie (and yes notice all the treats we brought back too!)
These are the popcorn balls we took EASY
1969 Recipe from Seminary Christmas Party
1/2 stick (1/4 c.) Butter (they used Margarine, it was the sixties-no thanks)
1 c. Sugar
1/2 c. Karo
1 TAB Water
12 (approximately 2 bags) cups popped corn (I did Kettle and Butter)
Bring to a boil, add food coloring (I love blue) it turns out turquoise (MY FAVORITE COLOR)
add popcorn and remove from heat. CAREFUL! don't burn your hands, make into balls, put on wax paper VOILA!

Look at the green grass, We've been enjoying our little cheek burns playing outside every day. Our Realtor is great! We have an offer and the ball is rolling (it should be 6 weeks or until the end of June). I'll definitely miss this little house. It has been one of my dreams lived.
Jess wearing the skirt! much cuter on hu?
it's so poofy and cute on her. I'm workin on a cowboy dress with tule for Kate. I'll post a pic the second it's done (unless its horible). CIAO

I saw this on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Web Site today, I never watch Oprah but I did one day a few months ago and this couple was on there. I was so touched by her faith. I watched this clip this morning and cried. I am so blessed to be a mom, so Happy to be a mom. I cried to Heavenly Father in Gratitude today! Please watch this :)

My New Life

My sister's Apron, her Birthday is on Cinco De Mayo it's one of my 11 siblings b-days I DON'T forget.
Jess was Roller Skating today she is 2 and FEARLESS

Kate called us into her room tonight to see her "Toy Land". She had paired up all these dollies and they were dancing. She even paired up the "Skinny Ones" and the "Chubby Ones". Great!

It was raining all day and this morning as I was folding clothes, it was dark outside and I looked over and stared at my bed, it looked soooooo cozy. I grabbed the camera to take a picture and almost climbed in until I saw......................

The Humongous Pile of Laundry. So I made the bed then I made......
Macaroons. You have to know I haven't had any candy or treats made of corn syrup for 3 weeks (except for small bits of dessert at parties and mother's day celebrations). I LOVE coconut and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chocolate so I got these great Natural Coconut Flakes and to my great Happiness the chips we are addicted to (mostly me and Spen, we sneak them for treats at night) Ghittard...are the most natural version of chips we have found so we are stikin to them.

this a picture that Hannah this cute 7 year old I watch took of the strawberries I was cutting up. I LOVE our new way of eating-you know the way Heavenly Father wants us to Eat and LIVE and for an Italian American girl who loves to bake. I am thrilled to be eating Whole Foods and enjoying Food instead of processed chemicals. I asked Kate what healthy foods to we should put on our list for shopping tomorrow and this is her list................
and the candy treat with fruit that you put in our church bag (fruit leather)
That is the best list I have ever heard. She's such a great girl. I am happy that the girls are adapting to this new way of living and I think they will enjoy living in Madison for all it's Farms and the Amish and Farmer's Markets.

This is Spencer's Great Grandma's Quilt and I am going to replicate it. It has 14 colors with 12 blocks of each color. I took the pics to Eugenia and she made a pattern. So we'll get started soon. I am still working on the cutest bag and the booties. I am loving Crochet soooo much.

This was Eugenia's Mama Day present from me to hold her Ganchos (crochet hooks) in. It was fun and easy.


We just checked out a book from the library Called What to do about Alice. It is about Teddy Rosevelt's daughter Alice and how she was so full of life and adventure. He would call it, "Running Riot." Alice called it "Eating Up the World." I was taking pics outside and saw Kate with her eyes closed I snuck a shot and she opened her eyes. I said, "what are you doing?" and she said, "Eating up the World." she is so cute!

I made some booties, they didn't turn out perfect for a baby but I knew the dress-up bear would like them.

My sister Suzy gave us some mini-sunflowers and here they are! their little plants sprouted up. YEAH!
My niece made this and it is perfect, I keep it by the sink and clip their bows and flowers on it instead of on my shirt when I find them on the floor.