“If you want to be happy, BE” Leo Tolstoy

Sunday, June 27, 2010

♫♪This is the [birthday] that never ends . . .♫♪

The birthday, for REAL:

For Kate's "REAL" birthday, we had some special surprises in store for her. First, Beebs got her a miniature kitchen set.

Next, she got a new chapter book . . . Charlotte's Web! She and Lisa recently finished a fun version of Little Women, and Lisa found Charlotte's Web at a fundraiser yard sale up the street.

And finally . . . THE PINK VIOLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kate was leader of the band the other day with sister friends.

New Bed

When we move, we are going to be in a 2-bedroom, student housing apartment. Therefore, the girls need to be in the same room, so we've been looking for day/trundle beds or bunk beds for the girls. We came across this on KSL and had to get it. Just perfect.

It has a slide and the girls just love it! Lisa is repurposing the sheet you see hanging to be a tent with windows. The other blog will have those details :)


Our sweet neighbor Eugenia helped us make tamales, estilo Mexicano. It was quite a process, but we ended up with 48 yummy pork tamales. We're figuring out some recipes that don't involve two bricks of hydrogenated lard :)

Princess Camp

For the final installment of Princess Camp, the girls got to meet Ariel! Kate was a little stand-offish, since she's not used to bare torsos, but she warmed up for the pictures.

We really LOVE this little cafe in old downtown American Fork. They have a couple little places for kids to play and this time they had some toys and chef accessories.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Birthdays and Family Ride

We had a lot of fun this week. On Sunday, we had a birthday get-together for Grandma Di, Mitch, and Kate. We had yummy food, fun gifts, and good times. Jake and Bryton gifted Kate a Tinkerbell doll, which she can't stop talking about. In fact, she fell asleep on the floor outside the bathroom while Lisa was taking a bath--with Tinkerbell in her hands. Cute kid.

Birthday party

The girls having so much fun at the party!


Kate was loving Jake & Bryton's Tinkerbell gift.

She's starting her own collection of beautiful Russian nesting dolls.

"The littie tiny beeebie!"

Could this get any better?

To top off the wonderful party, Kate got a rainbow!

Hours later, still playing with her faves.

Family Ride

Monday, we went on our weekly Mad Dog Cycles sponsored family bike ride. We rode down Carterville road into Provo, ending up at Exchange Park. The funnest part, perhaps, was when Jess fell asleep in the iBert.

We stopped so Lisa could snap a pic of our poor sleeping child.

And couldn't figure out how to safely stop on the Brompton, so it was lying on the ground right in front of . . . . . .

My Boss' house!

Kate got bored in the 0.2 seconds that we were stopped. Rocks beat parents every time.

Remorseful look for tipping over such a beautiful machine.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oh so Grand

We're getting to be quite the regulars at the Grand America in downtown SLC. About one year ago, Lisa's sister Maryanne hooked us up whilst she was working at the Spa. This time, Spencer's mom was kind enough to let us use her "Premium" gift certificate she received by attending Good Things Utah. We drove up and parked at the Conference Center, and walked and used Trax in the free zone (which stops just in front of the Grand) to get around. If I were thinking strait, I would have borrowed the demo Brompton and toodled around town on the "silly bikes," as Kate calls them.

Our room was 700 square feet (nearly the size of our entire home), and was all sorts of fancy. It even had a "balcony" measuring 18"x48". Don't sneeze or you're a gonner.

For dinner, we looked up all sorts of restaurants, and finally decided on an Italian joint on 100 S, so we walk over to the Trax station and head up Main St. We get off the train at our stop, walk the 1/2 block to where the restaurant is supposed to be, but it's not there! We couldn't find it, so we're looking around and we see folks dining outdoors at an organic Bistro, the Olive Bistro. So amazing! Here is a picture of the owner, who cooked our food and who you can tell is a genuinely happy person.

Here is a picture of a gorgeous panini. By this time, Lisa's strawberries & cream (served in a wine glass) were long gone, so no picture :( I swigged an incredible cane sugar root beer while Lisa sipped her freshly squeezed orange juice. To top off the meal, we got a Nutella panini to go . . . mmmmmmmmmm. It was as good as it sounds.

MEANWHILE . . . . . . . . .

The girls had a sleepover at "Grandma Di's" house. Malinda had an awesome blow-up pool and a slip-and-slide all set up. They had such a good time. Kate tanned instantly, and Jess wouldn't wear her swimsuit, so was either wearing shorts or nada. Crazy little kid.

BACK TO SLC . . . . . .

The next day, we tried to act like we were visitors and went on a tour of the Beehive House, ate at the Nauvoo Cafe (inside the JSMB), toured the Square, and did our best to absorb the beautiful day. Even with the grinding and jackhammering across the street, we felt that it was quiet. Awesome day.

I grew up about 1 block from Moyle Park in Alpine, where John R. Moyle settled. 'Twas from here that he hobbled the long miles on an artificial leg to work as a stone mason on the Salt Lake Temple. His hands carved what you see below:

We are constantly inspired by the world around us and how the Lord's hand is evident throughout. The countdown to our move is at about 60 days, which will be such a wonderful opportunity to behold more of the Lord's wonders. We are all so truly blessed!


Last time we visited Grandpa Bob & Grandma Jean, dad hat set up a fun train ride (riding lawnmower with the trailer) for Kate. This time he set up an elaborate train ride for the girls with matching hats, Disneyland Park Hopper passes, seat cushions, an umbrella, water bottles, and little bags of pretzels with their names on them. They drove up to the train station (Gazebo) and there was a sign that said "Disneyland Train Stop." What fun memories the girls will have with grandpa. He knows how to make the simple days really, really fun days.