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Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's Autumn Time, It's Autumn Time the Leaves Are Falling Down.

This is Picnic Point. I ran there today. There is a trail all the way to the end. There is an Indian burial ground on the trail it's very peaceful. 

Halloween Cookies already?

pumpkins in the field outside of town.
Kate is so cute in how she dresses, she picks out her shoes, socks and outfits every day. 

Dale and Jo came (Spencer's Mom's best friend from growing up in San Diego) and spent some time with us. We went to the farmer's market it goes all the way around the Capitol building and enjoyed Amish Pumpkin bread and local treats. The best was the Pomegranate Jam Jo brought us from her trees at home in Arizona.
What a traitor. Here he was at the Badger's game rooting for Arizona. (Dale)

Jo wrote a children's book and brought a copy for the girls.
along with an exclusive  book signing at our request in their Suite at the Hotel downtown. 

It was "Bucky Badger Day" as we call the days with games around here.  I don't think Jo and Dale liked me showing up wearing this shirt. They brought the ASU one for Spen.

The Marching Band is fantastic, we drive past their practice field and can hear them from our home. They are amazing. Badgers Won of course :)

riding to the city always takes us past some harbors.
On our way back from the city.

the girls love to ride on the "Silly Bike" they call it. 


Living Room

Our living Room wouldn't be complete without a garage full of bikes in it. 

Halloween is already up.

our room
Spencer's friend sent this miniature bike to him.

all tuckered out.
Kate and Jess and Kate's best school friend Phoenix.

She figured out how to turn it on and use the backstitch button...ahhh!

This is Spencer's building at school (The Granger Business School) It is always crowded on game days and everyone wears red.

This is Kate's Teacher and class. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eplegaarden, Kindergarten, Missionaries, Grapes, & Ironman

This has been an eventful week! Fall is quickly approaching here in Wisconsin, so many crops are ready for the harvest. Several local farms offer "U-pick" services, where we can go and pick what we like. We decided to visit a farm about 10 miles away in Fitchburg, called Eplegaarden, run by a Norwegian family.

We picked Gala apples and raspberries. Here are pictures of the Selv-Plukken adventure:

At the entrance
Fun Norwenglish
Bunch of weirdos
Child labor
More child labor
Working together
Working together
Beautiful barns
Radio Flyers for easy child transport
There was 1 bite mark in about every apple Jess got her grubs on
Cute sisters
Playing around with camera functions
So cute
We'll be back soon for these

Kate has been enjoying all-day Kindergarten in a class of 18, half of whom are 1st graders (K/1 program). She recently had a scratching incident pretending to be dragons with one of her Chinese classmates. She's learning. Here are some pics of her experiences so far:

She chose this outfit :)
Parents on the 1st day
Kate's profile pic
Kate reading in the corner
Jurassic Kate
Such personality
The Girls Bathroom sign at Kate's school

We got to go on a grape-picking adventure from the vines of a lady in our stake in Evansville. Beautiful Concord grapes. We filled a big box with grapes in about 10 minutes. We are constantly amazed at the beauty of the earth and its ability to convert sun, water, and dirt into beautiful grapes, apples, raspberries, and all varieties of life's sustenance. Miraculous.


Looks like the bowl was HEAVY. Drama Kate.

Look at those grubby little fingers
All tuckered out. Literally 10 minutes.
We had the missionaries in our area over for dinner. Elder Moffat from San Diego and Elder Duffin from Vernal. The girls were really excited to have the missionaries over.

Finally, the Ironman Wisconsin was here in Madison, and one of Spencer's MBA classmates was participating. The run section had a turnaround point just outside of our apartment complex, so we watched the diehards as they finish their adventure.

Zoom in-Signs for each participant along the run portion of the course!