“If you want to be happy, BE” Leo Tolstoy

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Minneapolis Days are winding down

Jess hamming it up on her new heart pillow

A cute rocking chair

Go Twins. Too bad Verlander was pitching against them...

Goldberg. Spencer's co-UW intern @ Best Buy

Aaron and Tressa Fischer. Aaron is an MBA from BYU, interning @ Best Buy. And Xiu-Ping. 
Panorama function on the camera

Michaela's in there somewhere. Supply chain MBA from UW interning @ Best Buy

The penny carnival at the park behind our apartments.

Spinning art. 

Fear factor--grabbing a live fish. Freaked Kate out. 

Sidewalk chalk.

 A neighbor friend from Scotland.

♪♫ Fun fun fun fun ... ♫♪

At our friend's rooftop pool in downtown Minneapolis.

A few of us moms got together. 

Sweet Judy Garland mural downtown. 

A 1937 dining car in downtown St. Paul

From the days of cane sugar in the U.S.


The greasy, grimy door.

Tim & Faith. Uh huh. 

Across from Mickey's

Grandpa Morse came to visit on his way home from Hill Cumorah. He stayed for the 4th of July weekend with us before heading back home to Utah. 

Quilt binding.

Movie in the park. It was pretty good, until the mosquitoes came out. 

Bum shot 

Jess being cute in front of the blow up screen.

Eating doughnuts at a local bakery.

Jess loves this headband.

Yummy cakes.

Fun kid park at Lake Rebecca.

The girls' new quilts.

Heading off to canoe. Yes, Jess is in pajamas.


Not a good day to canoe, apparently.

Cute Kate lying in the grass.

It was really warm. 

Some sort of ghost princess get together (dresses only, no bodies).

Kate's house quilt of the types of houses she's drawn.

Fun w/ food.

Mummys and goblins.

Fun playing with the cousins.

So cheesy.

Kate trying to be grumpy

Sneaky, plotting Claire

Cute Audrey.

Custard from Adele's Frozen Custard

Home made waffle cones. 

Them's some cute eyes.

Jess' choice.

Lisa needs to control her hand hair. 

Cute card to Spencer. 

The girls' room.