“If you want to be happy, BE” Leo Tolstoy

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Break

Gingerbread Houses

 Nativity at the Blakesley's with the Chih Family (all of us college families from our church home for Christmas)

 Mary wrapping baby Jesus.

 Look my ear (I was here).

 Lilly is so sweet

 Jess was a wise man

 Chris reading Luke 2

 Kate was a lamb

 Gordon, How-wen and Eric were shepherds

Will was a Shepherd

 Will and Ben


 Christmas Morning

 She was bouncing up and down! It was the best.

 Kate's new bear

More Princess Polly Pockets-with Grooms.

 BeyBlades the coolest toy for first graders around these parts

 Ross sent these to Spencer. 

 Thumb War

 skyping the Morse Clan

 Kate has hijacked my Dad's History  the gift he gave us all for Christmas.

 Breanna came to visit, she made us sushi and cool hats.  

 The girls having fun with their new table and chairs.  

 It has been so warm the girls played outside having a "picnic". 

 Kashira my Indian neighbor has all these beautiful clothes from India.

 Each state makes a different style. 

 Our neighbors from China drying all their beautiful chilies from their garden.